DIY Mom Letterman Jacket


Remember how cool it was to see the seniors gracing the halls of your high school with their letterman jackets? I don’t think there is anything so classic Americana cool! As a suburban mom of three, I love my life so much, but it rarely feels that cool. I usually take care of our house or run the kids around. One day while scrolling Instagram (it knows us so well!), a mom in an adorable personalized denim jacket popped up. It was the cutest game-day outfit! I decided to attempt one and posted the process on Instagram. A fellow sports mom commented, ” It’s like a letterman jacket for moms!” I loved this!

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Game-Day Outfits for Moms

I spend a lot of time watching my kids play sports and am always on the hunt for a good game-day outfit. Athleisure and game day outfits are actually big part of my Summer Mom Uniform. When I’m at a ballpark all day I prioritize being comfortable and dressing for the weather. I also love to wear our team colors or gear. I remember having babies and toddlers and seeing my mom friends with older kids decked out in their kid’s team gear. I remember thinking it was a bit much, “‘l’ll never be that into it!” I told myself! Well, here I am- obviously VERY into it!

A Jean Jacket is a great option for a mom on game day. It made me have a new appreciation for the true intent of denim. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you are making a denim mom letterman jacket choose one that is 100% cotton. If it has much stretch it will make it difficult for an iron-on patch to stay in place.

DIY Mom letterman Jacket

What you’ll need

  • Jean Jacket : The jacket I used in this video is an Old Navy Jean Jacket. It is a great jacket at a great price. Pick a 100% cotton denim jacket for your mom letterman jacket. Any spandex will make it difficult for the patches to stay on.
  • Patches: This is the fun part! You can start with your last name across the top of the back. Add sports specific patches on the sleeves. Some other favorites are the retro name tag patch with your name, an American flag, or some stars. My kids are young and their uniform number can change from season to season. If you have a high schooler whose number is consistent, you could add large numbers to the back your jacket to match their uniform number. If the patch has a lot of uneven edges (such as the handle of the cheer patch below) it may be more difficult to get the patch to adhere. Sections like this could benefit from sewing down with a needle and thread.

How to put it together:

I washed and dried the jacket first before ironing on the patches. Read the instructions carefully before ironing on the patches. Most of the patches I ordered called for ironing on a high/ cotton setting without using any steam. Covering the patch with a 100% cotton dish towel or wash cloth will help to keep the chenille on the patch looking great while allowing you to apply the heat necessary to get good adhesion of the patch ! Apply firm pressure but keep the iron moving to avoid causing any overheating or discoloration of the patch. After ironing on the patches lay them flat for at least 30 minutes to allow it to cool.

Sports Mom Letterman Jacket Examples

When I posted this to Instagram, it was a fun little project to get our family excited for spring sports. It also turned out to be my most viewed reel on instagram! I’d love to see your sports mom letterman jacket if you make one! Tag me on Instagram at @myfriendmegblog

Sport’s Mom Life

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