Favorite Things Party

Despite being busy, so many moms I know would love a fun night together (especially if they didn’t have to plan it!) Work, homekeeping, and driving kids around can be isolating. A fun night with friends can do wonders for the soul. I wrote a newsletter post a few weeks ago about fun and easy ways to get friends together. At the top of the list was the Favorite Things Party.

At a Favorite Things party, you bring some of your personal favorite items to exchange with friends. It can be any item from any aspect of your life! Sometimes the most ordinary items in your life might be new to someone else! Your favorite traveling charging station, favorite roll-on perfume, Travel jewelry case, beach read, huggie earrings, coffee table book, or parenting book! It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive! It’s your party, you set the budget. The intent of a favorite things party is a new way to connect with friends about these little items and parts of our day that make our lives easier, more beautiful, or just bring us joy.

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Favorite things party items.

Favorite Things Party- come for the things stay for the friends:

I’ve gotten together every month with a group of dear friends for the last decade. We started out as preschool mom friends and have walked many seasons of parenting and life together. It’s such a gift when we get to be together. It’s easy and somehow always just what we need.

We have always gone in on birthday gifts for each other. We all have unique personalities, interests, and styles but know each other well and all appreciate a game-changing home product, a quality cookbook, or car organizer! A few years ago we sadly missed a holiday get-together. By February were cold, tired of gray days, and wanting a fun night together. We wanted to do a little something special. We decided on a favorite things party and it was such a hit! It’s now an annual event!

Favorite Things Party 2 Ways

How you choose to organize your party comes down to:

  • How many friends will attend
  • How much everyone wants to spend

Small Group Party

This is where it’s fun to purchase one gift for each person attending. Let’s say 5. Everyone will go home with 4 awesome gifts. You purchase get 4 of the exact same item. Also, consider slightly different versions of the same product (5 different shades of your favorite lip gloss or 5 different colors of your favorite Amazon sunglasses ). We always do this QVC style and do a 30 second pitch about my we love the item we brought. Set a budget that feels comfortable for the whole group. We have done anywhere from $5 per item up to $75. It is really fun at all price points.

Large Group Party

If you want to invite more friends, you can keep the budget low and get a favorite thing for everyone. Another strategy for a larger group is to have everyone bring one of their favorite things (if people want to spend a little more on just one more substantial gift) and when it is time to exchange gifts you can trade white elephant style or have people sit randomly and pass your gift to the person sitting next to you. If you do this have someone be the secretary and write down what everyone brought. Send the list to the group as there may be other favorite things items you don’t want to miss.

What to Bring to a Favorite Things Party

What to bring: Don’t over think it! If you are having trouble deciding on what to bring spend a day or even just a few hours with more attention to what you already have! What make up or cosmetic item do you use daily and find yourself ordering over and over? What coffee do you drink every day and love? It could be a purse organizer, chapstick, travel phone charger, cozy socks, a great read, glass cleaner, hair ties, pens, laptop stand, sunscreen, infused olive oil, note pad or foam roller. If you love it and use it often, I’m betting your friends want to know about it. For more ideas check out some of my Favorite Home and Family Fashion items or Gift ideas for moms who travel.

Make it a party! Keep it simple at a restaurant or coffee shop or dress it up with a glass of wine and have everyone wear their current favorite dress. This time is about connecting about the little things that make your life a little easier, a little more efficient, a little more beautiful or a little more fun! Mostly it’s about connecting with each other!

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