Gifts for Moms Who Travel

All moms love a homemade card especially with a little one’s handprint! Sometimes though, it’s nice for mom to get away! Wheather its on a girls trip or a family vacation these gifts for moms who travel will keep her organized and stylish on her next adventure!

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Links and thoughts on gifts for moms who travel

1.Portable Everything Charger: My husband recently got these chargers for our night stands that charge watches, AirPods, and phones. I’m not usually so sleek and minimalistic but they have been a game changer. Having fewer cords and a centralized charging place for my electronics been super helpful. I loved the permanent home version so much I wanted to find something similar for travel. I promise you will love having this portable 3-in-1 charger on your next trip.

2. Sleep Mask: If you are currently traveling with babies and young kids hang in there. I promise it gets easier! My kids are getting older and usually sleep well on trips. Unfortunately, there are still certain times I find it difficult to fall asleep when I’m away from home. This sleep mask helps! There are much more expensive sleep masks out there but this one is adjustable, washable, and very soft.

Travel Sleep mask for moms.

3. Fanny Pack/ Belt Bag: I really love my Clare V. Grande Fanny pack. The belt bag/ fanny pack is the most functional (and these days very cute) hands free purse. They are great for travel and even every day life. There are so many great ones to choose from! Here is a round up of my favorite Fanny Packs for moms.

Best Belt Bags for moms

4. Wide Brim Hat: From Disney world to a big anniversary trip at a resort this Freya Gardenia Hat is my favorite recipe for style+ sun protection. I love a wide brim hat so much these days here is a post with all my favorites. (Especially this budget friendly option)

Wide Brim Hats for moms

5. Mark and Graham Poolside Travel Pouches: great for hair ties, googles, medications, bandaids, paperwork, to use as a mini wallet- these little guys do a million jobs and couldn’t be cuter!!

Monogramed pool storage pouches.

6. Portable Charger: nothing is worse than seeing that red <20% battery life indicator on your phone when you are navigating traffic in a new place. Just plug into this portable charging bank for hours more of navigation, calls and searching. It’s thin and light weight and your future self will be so glad you packed it!

7. Pill Case: Even if it’s just for vitamins and supplements or a consolidated way to travel with over the counter medications we’re probably the age where a travel pill case it probably a good idea. This one is sturdy and cute!

Practical and stylish Travel Pill Box.

8. Leatherman Multitool: You’ll have to stash it in your checked bag if you’re flying but I can’t tell you all the times and ways this has been a life saver when traveling with kids. Opening gifts, cutting tags off clothes, assembling a toy. The scissors and package opener are my most used tools for the multiple screw drivers have been priceless in a pinch to change batteries is small electronics or toys.

9. Her Favorite Clean Sunscreen: First with the hat and now with the sunscreen – sun protection is real a theme around here! Traveling with a great sunscreen feels like a no brainer- beach, skiing, hiking, even walking around a new city. This is my clean favorite.

Beautify Counter Mineral Sunscreen is a favorite for moms who travel.

10. Pajamas: Lake pajamas have taken over instagram for good reason. They are the softest pima cotton, extremely comfortable and area beautiful but modest cut. This makes them great for vacation where you might be staying with family or sharing a house or condo with friends. Wear them to sleep, make coffee or play a board game before bed.

More gifts for moms

If one of these isn’t quite right This gift guide for moms or this one will have something she’ll love.

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