Best Fanny Packs for Moms


Are we still saying fanny pack? Maybe belt bag? Crossbody Bag? Waist bag? I’m not really sure but they’re awesome and you need if you are an on the go mom! This hands-free purse alternative holds all the things. I currently have my wallet, phone, extra charger, sunscreen stick, hand sanitizer, and lip gloss in mine with room to spare. The fanny pack allows me to be the engaged, active mom I want to be.

The fanny pack got a major glow up lot in recent years. They now have sleek designs, easy-to-access pockets, and come in beautiful leathers, suedes, and great colors. I bought one a few years ago before we went to Disney World thinking I would just use it for the trip. Four years later, I still use it all the time!

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Mom carries a navy Clare V fanny pack with essentials.

Why Fanny Packs are great for moms

Especially with little kids (or even not so little kids) the fanny pack is the most practical, hands-free way to take along all your essentials. Most moms carried a diaper bags for years. Even when you are phasing out of diaper bags, it’s nice to be hands-free and to enjoy and help your kids. You can easily hold hands while crossing the street or help tie a shoe with a fanny pack.

I love a fanny pack for family outings or events. They are also perfect for a trip. It is nice to have your most important items like keys, phones, hotel keys securely against you. It also makes it almost impossible to leave and of these items behind. Most recently this has looked like a kid’s sports tournament or a day at the zoo. On these days, I have a larger tote bag with everything we need for the day and then carry a fanny pack to keep essentials on me at all times.

I think you will love and look great wearing any of these belt bags! You will love the mom you are when wearing one! Recently on Instagram I joked that the fanny pack is now my entire personality, and I was only partially kidding. I am a fanny pack mom because I want to be hands-free and be engaged when I’m out in the world with my family. Hopefully, my kids will have memories of me cheering for them at games or jumping in next to them on rides at an amusement park. I want to hike or bike with them and not worry about schlepping stuff around. The fanny pack allows me to be the engaged, active mom I want to be. There are so many distractions that pull us away from being present in those moments- I love that a traditional purse isn’t one of them! Happy Fanny Packing!

Mom carries things into her kids school and has a fanny pack around her body to carry essentials.

Where to use a Fanny Pack

I don’t really think there is a bad place to carry one. Some of the most helpful places are:

  • Kids sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Theme park trip
  • Volunteering at the kid’s school
  • Taking kids to the zoo
  • Out for a Walk
  • Travel out of the country
  • Hiking or other outdoor adventures
  • Doing errands (it’s nice to be hands free especially for doing returns/ having to carry other bags/ packages)

Links to the Best Fanny Packs for Moms:

Best Fanny Packs for moms.

Clear Target Belt Bag, Cotopaxi , Lululemon, Clare V Belt Bag, Quince Belt Bag, Mark and Graham , Stony Clover Belt Bag, Stony Clover Belt Bag

Where to find the best fanny packs for moms:

Top Row Fanny Pack Details

  • The Clear belt bag from Target is the right price and great for games or concerts, sports stadiums, arenas or other locations with clear bag requirements. Here is the full post on clear bags for events!
  • Cotopaxi makes sustainable, high-quality outdoor items in color combinations that do not disappoint. The Cotopaxi fanny pack has a sporty look, comes in beautiful colors, and has tons of storage and functional pockets. This has been my favorite recently for family adventures. I also love to take it to my see my kids compete in swim meets.
  • The Clare V belt bag has a luxurious, elevated look with all the functions of a modern fanny pack. I have an international trip later this year and I’m building my entire travel capsule around this fanny pack. It comes in beautiful perforated or basket weave leather and the straps are interchangeable among other Clare V products.
  • The Lululemon 2L Everywhere Belt Bag has a cult following that really paved the way for fanny packs as we now know them! This is a great place to start if you’re re just considering a purchase. If you need to carry more than just your phone and keys get the 2L instead of the 1L bag! I love to take this one as a small essentials only bag. I usually use it with my Sports Mom Bag for weekend sports tournaments or swim meets. My tween daughter and her friends are bug fans of this belt bag and the 1L Lululemon Everywhere Belt bag is perfect for younger girls. It is also a favorite among nurses and other professionals that need to keep items easily accessible at a moment’s notice!

Bottom Row Fanny Pack Details

These fanny packs for moms (and anyone else) come in beautiful colors, fabrics, and styles. Fanny packs now offer moms a casual but elevated way to stay hands free to focus on what really matters at your kids next soccer game or on your next family adventure.

Why I’m not sad to be a fanny pack mom!

This is the Cotopaxi fanny pack. I love it for hiking and when we are going to be on the move. I recently used in on a trip to Universal Studios and LEGOLAND. It is incredibly durable and I just love the colors that Cotopaxi puts together. It is my most used active style fanny pack.

I recently used the Cotopaxi fanny pack on a day at a theme park with my kids.

All Your Fanny Pack Questions Answered:

  • Are Fanny packs in style in 2024? Yes! There are so many great elevated options for fanny packs now you can find one that you will love. They have been trending for the last year or two. With their impressive functionality and added great designs fanny packs aren’t going anywhere in 2024!
  • Are fanny packs good for running? There are many fanny packs that are suitable for running. I recommend one that is small, is designed to fit close to the body, and it made from a moisture wicking material. This Lululemon running pack is perfect.
  • My kids are still in diapers- is there a fanny pack that will work for me? Yes! Don’t let the need for a diaper dissuade you from getting a fanny pack. Here is a great option that has room for a diaper, wipes, and other must have baby items. It even comes with a changing pad!
  • How do you wear a fanny pack? The beauty of the modern day fanny pack is the versatility in ways to wear them. You can wear it around your waist, as a cross body bag, or over the shoulder. Let the size of the bag and what is most comfortable for you be your guide.
  • Are fanny packs considered a personal item when flying? Likely due to increasing popularity, many airlines have added details about fanny packs or cross body bags counting as a carry-on item. I recently few with a rolling carry-on suit case, backpack, and fanny pack for a weekend trip. I was asked just prior to boarding to consolidate my fanny pack into by backpack.

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