Emerson Fry Brand Spotlight

Today I’m doing a little Brand Spotlight on Emerson Fry . I can’t rave enough about the quality and beauty of their pieces. Their customer service is great. They specialize in micro batches of thoughtful pieces. Emerson Fry utilizes beautiful, natural fabrics with low impact, plant based dyes. Their line is made in USA. They employ block print artists for their India collection (which is my favorite!!). I love their goal of making pieces of clothing that will be handed down (or shared) between mothers and daughters and a timelessness that spans generations.

Emerson Fry Top
While Emerson Fry Blouse (probably 5 years old)
Emerson Fry Frances Top
This is the Frances Top in a beautiful Purple and blue block print. Makes an easy outfit with shorts, a skirt or jeans and can transition to fall with a sweater over it. I’m wearing these earrings in this post.

In my twenties I went strict capsule wardrobe for a bit. There was certainly an ease that came with a pared down closet. I appreciate and support anyone who loves their capsule. I personally felt somewhat limited. Probably as a response to my capsule, I went the other way for a few years. I was all over the place with what I was buying and wearing. We moved cities with different climates and had somewhat different lifestyles. To extend myself a little grace, many of these years included a pregnant, postpartum, or nursing body where size and body shape seem to change month to month. I have handed down and cleaned out a lot of the clothes I wore those years.

Emerson Fry France Top

Lately I’ve been thinking more about the kind of closet/ wardrobe I want to have going forward. I feel more settled these days in my body and my life and want to feel that way in my clothes as well. I want quality items that feel great on and that you don’t have to think about once you’re dressed. Ideally, things in my closet will work together effortlessly – an easy puzzle that comes together beautifully. My clothes from Emerson Fry are ready to be worn, and reworn, and then put under a sweater and worn again into fall. If you are thinking about what’s in your closet/ wardrobe too be sure to check out this post too.

This is the Frances Top in Juniper . Get The link and ideas for styling fanny packs here

If you don’t love a light block print top the way I do there is so much more they have to offer. This Sweater, This turtleneck dress, or their knitwear are worth a look! Let me know what your favorites are from their fall collection!

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