What I’m wearing

A year or two ago I laughed out loud at an instagram reel where a woman was at store (that will remain unnamed) and zoomed in on the two different sides of the women’s clothing section. One area was filled with neon tops , exposed midriffs, and dresses with huge cut outs. The other side was, as she said, Little House on the Prairie. Racks of full length long many with sleeve dresses filled the area. There did not seem to be anything in between. The point of her video, and my question too is…. We’re 40…What are we wearing?

In this season of life my main (and really only) goal is to feel good in my clothes! I want to be able to play with my kids, run errands, meet my husband out for lunch, celebrate a friend’s 40th in comfort and ease. Mostly I want to not think about what I’m wearing! It’s a little bit of a backwards way to thinking about outfits and fashion but really- the goal is really to not think about it. I want wardrobe that fits, feels comfortable, works for places I go and how I spend my time and makes me feel great. In my 20s I went down the strict capsule wardrobe road and liked it (for a while). My husband and I were living in a tiny apartment and I wore mostly scrubs to work so it was easy and convenient to have paired down wardrobe. After 3 kids (and the body changes that come along with that) moving to a different climates, and being home with my kids my wardrobe certainly looks a lot different that it did 15 years ago.

Back to Basics

This summer I am taking a little inventory. Not shockingly, it’s great basics that I come back to year after year. There are a few things that came to mind when I first started this process. Stripes were at the very top of the list. A little color, a classic clean line, they can hold their own or go under a sweater or blazer. Stripes somehow bring Paris to Nantucket to New York. Stripes, especially a striped top is a timeless classic that is sure to be a go to for years to come.

Some of my favorite stripes are from Kule. This style of T Shirt is called The Modern. It is a 100% cotton, light weight (but not as light as a tissue T-shirt), and has a boxy fit. It pairs well jean shorts, white jeans, skirts. It also upgrades an athleisure look instantly. I also love The Tank. It too has a boxy fit. Is made from super soft cotton and screams weekend at the lake!

Some of my other favorite stripes are the Boden Breton shirt. I have not yet but am dying to try the ARY French Fry long sleeve. Madewell also has some great ringer style striped Ts. Look for more of my favorites.

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