Gifts for Preschoolers


These gifts for Preschoolers are some of our all time family favorites. These toys are the ones we have more than gotten our money’s worth! My children come back to these toys and finding new and different ways to play even as they get older and their interests change. These gifts for preschoolers promote imaginative play and have multiple uses. They can be played with when your child has some time alone at home to play but are also great to share with sibling or with friends during play dates.

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Preschool Gift Guide

Young +Wild and Friedman Sensory Kits: The coolest play dough kits for hours of sensory, imaginative play with cool themes like space, mermaids and construction site

Magformers Magnetic Blocks

Melissa and Doug Grocery Store and accessories

Magnolia Home for Target Doll Treehouse

Micro Delux Scooter

MudPuppy Puzzles

Richard Scarry Word Book

Great Pretenders Dress up clothes

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Classic Brio Starter Train Set

There are also a lot of good options for gifts for preschool aged kids on the Gift Guide for Active Kids. And don’t forget to get something for yourself! Lastly, if you are parenting preschooler you are in for a fun but busy Holiday season! The Calm (er) Chrimstas guide is a great tool for parents and families to stay on top of getting everything ready so you can enjoy Christmas more!

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