Calm Christmas


The holiday season brings so many emotions to the the forefront of our minds. Joy and excitement can somehow turn into stress and chaos. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, there is a growing movement towards a calmer and more serene Christmas season. In this blog post, I’m sharing ways to work toward a “Calm Christmas” or at least a “Calm-ER Christmas” and provide practical tips to help you experience more joy and peace this holiday season.

Finding Peace in Simplicity

The goal of a Calm-ER Christmas is to simplify the holiday season and focus on what truly matters! It means stepping away from the pressure of excessive decorations, extravagant gifts, and overbooked schedules. Instead, it encourages us to embrace the beauty of simplicity, allowing us to savor precious moments with loved ones and create lasting memories. A favorite carol service a church, a cozy morning reading by the Christmas tree, baking gifts for neighbor with kids. These are the moments we want to cultivate.

I started pursing a Calm-ER Christmas the year my oldest daughter was born. Her due date was 12/19 and when she arrived I had most Christmas prep tasks such as decorating our apartment and purchasing and shipping gifts for out of town family done. We were certainly in the blur of newborn sleepless nights and constant feedings that Christmas. With the exhaustion and new parent learning curve there was no way I could have also been running around doing last minute shopping. I was so glad that a lot of the details of Christmas were already completed. I knew I wanted to make sure I carried this tradition on to future Christmases.

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Practical Tips for a Calm Christmas

1. Start Early and Plan

Begin by identifying the activities and traditions that hold the most meaning for you and your family. Prioritize those and let go of obligations that do not align with your desired calm Christmas experience. Plan your schedule accordingly. Also write in ample time for rest, things that bring your focus back to Christ being the center of Christmas, and quality time with loved ones on your schedule. If someone brings up an additional event or meeting you can confidently decline because you already have something scheduled at that time!

2. Follow along with the Calm-ER Christmas Series

This fall on Instagram I’ve saved lots of helpful links and details. There are gift guides, Christmas card sourcing, holiday centerpieces, and lots of other Christmas details . The Calm-ER Christmas series has weekly prompts with one or two holiday related tasks to consider each week. All the links and details are saved in the Calm-ER Christmas highlights on Instagram:

  • Week 1: 10/9 Plan Christmas Cards (book photographer, plan outfits, take advantage of sales from card companies: Simply to Impress, Minted and The Happy Envelope are my favorites. Decide on Big Gifts, Decide with family about travel plans.
  • Week 2: 10/16 Christmas outfit for yourself (Classic dresses here) and your family. This is great time to invest in pieces that can be worn through late fall and winter. Book Flights/ hotels/ cars for out of town travel.
  • Week 3:10/23 Start gift lists for family and friends.Start a note on your phone or wherever is easiest for you to access as you go. Don’t forget about teachers, bus drivers, hair dressers, housekeepers, coaches, the mail carrier , hostess gift of Christmas and Holiday parties and other important people in your life. These are easy to get done well in advance. Stock up on gift cards cards for last minute gifts.
  • Week 4:10/30 – Enjoy Halloween or Harvest Festivities !!!
  • Week 5: 11/6 Put Holiday Events on calendar (Christmas parties for work, church, neighborhood, etc) and book babysitters! Schedule family events for the traditions you want to create (caroling, going to see a fun Christmas place decorated, Nutcracker ballet tickets, see Santa, a Christmas concert). Also Purchase a few more gifs for family on the lists- Don’t Forget about the gift guide of Quality gifts under $30.
  • Week 5 11/13- Get Advent Books or calendars for kids and adults. Purchase gifts for kids, nieces and nephews.
  • Week 6 11/20- Enjoy Thanksgiving week!!!! Keep your list of gifts ready so you can stay on target while you look for the best price on larger items during Black Friday Sales. ( Look for ideas here in the Golfer Gift Guide, Gift Guide for Her, Gift Guide for Active kids
  • Week 7:11/27 Decorate your home for Christmas
  • Week 8: 12/4 Get Stocking Stuffers. Get Stamps and send Christmas cards
  • Week 9: 12/11- Mail gifts for out of town family, plan holiday menus and order any food 
  • Week 10 12/18- Last minute gifts, Set table the night before you host. Meal Prep things that can be made in advance for holiday meals.
  • After Christmas: Check out the Christmas Clean Up Post to get everything put away and organized for next year and your home refreshed for January

Enjoy your hard work!

A Calm Christmas is a conscious choice to prioritize peace and serenity during this season. By simplifying, planning, and embracing quiet moments, you can take steps toward a Christmas that that allows you to connect with loved ones, find joy in the little things, and focuses on God coming to earth to be with us. So, take a step back from the chaos and let the thought of a Calm Christmas guide you towards a holiday season filled with peace and contentment.

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