Gifts for Active Kids


By the time Christmas rolls around we are spending a lot of time indoors and know that stir crazy January is just around the corner. We always try to incorporate a few gifts for our active kids that can keep them moving and can be used indoors. When the weather is bad it is so nice to have a way for them to blow off some energy. It somehow always improved everyones mood and behavior.

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Links for all the gifts for active kids:

  • A bounce house will always be a huge hit! It is perfect as a “big gift” from Santa or a gift from parents and grandparents to the entire family: We have this one and the side and the climbing wall give its some extra elements of fun without being too huge. Always check on the size of your space including ceiling hight before purchasing a bounce house
  • The indoor trampoline is another awesome gift for active younger kids that will burn off energy and doesn’t take up much room. They can spend hours jumping and playing on the bar. It is easy to fold up and put behind a couch or move out into the garage so if space is a premium this is a good buy!
  • These stepping stones are one of those rare evergreen toys that all my kids of different ages use. They started off using them to make obstacle courses around the living room or basement. They have since gone on to be river rocks for forest battles, mini stages for dance performances and then flipped over and used as nests for stuffed animals.
  • My daughter recently got this Gymnastics Bar for her birthday. All the kids are really enjoyed it. It feels sturdier that I anticipated for bar outside of a real gymnastics facility. Even the older kids/ tweens around our house can flip and play on it.
  • We got so many miles out of this Toddler Slide when my kids were young. This is a great one for toddlers and preschoolers.
  • This Kids Balance Beam is one of our favorite toys. The girls use it for gymnastics routines and the boys use it for ninja warrior courses.
  • The Kids Yourigamiis at the top of my kids list for this Christmas. From making forts, clubhouses to reading nooks, I think we will use this for a long time.
  • Floor is lava game– this game got us though COVID. We played a million hours of it great for preschool through elementary ages.
  • My son is vying for Pop A Shot for Christmas too. Check the height of the ceiling in the room where you are thinking about putting it and then add another foot or so.
  • This Tunnel is another toddler/ preschooler fan favorite. Get ready for hours of peek-a-boo, hide-and seek- and lots of tunnel races.

Hopefully these gifts for the active kids in your life! Maybe they will be so busy playing you can shop for yourself!

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