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With the holidays (and holiday guests) coming I know there will be more dishes, laundry, and general upkeep around our house. The last thing I want to think about is an extra trip to the store for dish soap, paper towels or batteries for a toy being assembled on Christmas Eve. These are the Amazon Subscribe and Save Favorites we use most and keep as part of our subscription.

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Amazon Subscribe and Save Items

Kitchen Amazon Subscribe and Save Favorites

Bathroom Subscribe and Save Favorites

General Household Subscribe and Save Favorites

Other Subscribe and Save items to Consider

Baby Items: diapers, wipes, diaper pail bag refills, formula, baby food pouches, pull ups

Other Kitchen and Food Items: ziplock bags, Cling wrap, aluminum foil, during seasons where we are traveling lot or providing lots of snacks for our sports teams I add some of our favorite snacks like Smart Pop, the Jif Natural Peanut butter cups, or Chomps Sticks.

Other Bathroom items: deodorant, shaving gel, razors, body wash

General Household: batteries for smoke/ carbon monoxide detectors.

Ways To Maximize savings and efficiency

I am seeing more on social media and even starting to read in more mainstream news about the ” invisible mental load” of running a household that we all carry. Grocery shopping, meal planning, tidying up, stocking of necessary products. It’s a lot to remember, decide, and execute. Let’s acknowledge that it takes time and has to be done by someone! I serve as the primary as the house manager in our home. If someone needs something (tooth paste, soap, a new brush to was dishes with) it will be seconds before “Mom!!” is called out from the somewhere else in house. Automating as much of this as possible as lifting a lot of the monitoring and ordering burden of keeping our house stocked with necessary daily items.

One thing I really appreciate about Amazon Subscribe and Save is that you can cancel any subscription at any time without penalties. You can also easily change the frequency at which you get any item. You can push back any delivery until the next month if you end up not using as much as you normally would. It has taken be a little while get to fine tune how often we use certain items or how much of certain things we go through but it doesn’t take long to get in a groove with it.

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