Healthy Sports Snacks for Kids

This week we were overtaken by the kid’s sports! Summer baseball and the big end of season swim meet were all within a few days. I lost track of the hours logged at pools and ball fields. I’ll save the laundry situation that piles on weeks like this for a different post! On long days of sport or outdoor activities they perform better (and I feel better) if we are not eating junk all day. My kids usually end up with concession stand candy or a hot dog at some point. I try not to make this the norm though. I keep lots of healthy sports snacks for kids on hand. These go to snacks keep them fueled and ready to play.


  • Apple and Peanut Butter/ Almond Butter – Jif Natural Cups or Barney’s almond butter packets are easy on the go protein
  • String Cheese and Whole grain crackers or Pretzels
  • Banana and These Protein Bites
  • Orange slices or cuties (these are so refreshing on hot days!
  • Popcorn (a great chip/ fried food alternative)
  • Apple sauce pouches
  • Chomps stick
  • Trail mix with nuts, Cheerios or other cereal (if you throw in a few mini M&M’s I promise it will get eaten)
  • Mini bagel with peanut butter or cream cheese.


I pack all our snacks in our Yeti Cooler. Put some reusable Ice packs in the night before so it will be nice and cold when you start packing it. Freeze several water bottles to act as big ice packs in the cooler and for a cold, refreshing drink as they melt throughout the day. It’s also nice to have these frozen water bottles on hand to use as ice packs in case someone get injured during the day. Lastly, keep the the most perishable products closest to the ice packs (string cheese, any other dairy or meat products)) fill in with fruit or other things that are nice to have cool.

Here is my cooler from this weekend. My son had two mid day games what were an hour apart. He had a cheese stick, crackers and the oranges in between games. It was enough to keep him going strong but not too heavy.

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