Big Girl Bedroom


We recently transformed a bedroom in our home into our daughter’s Big Girl Bedroom! It was really fun to put together this space for her. We wanted to create a place she will use and enjoy for years to come. Before diving into the fun of artwork and pillows I wanted get clear about the purpose and intention for this new room. The mantra for this space became “A place to Play, Study, and Rest.” During this season she has one foot in her childhood and one in the tween world. I wanted her to have a place to comfortably be both. Staying focused on this helped guide the furniture selection and decor.

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Big girl bedroom. Twin beds with white bedding and blue and white gingham headboards.

When designing a nursery or toddler room, you have complete creative control. I would encourage a first time mom to make the nursery a space they will really enjoy spending time! Between feeding baby and putting down for naps and bedtime you will send a lot of time in there. I promise your baby will not have an opinion! Designing a room for an older child is another story. When we began brainstorming for her new room there were lots of ideas thrown around. Some included installing a slide from the window down to the swing set in the back yard. Another was to cover the entire ceiling with a Taylor Swift Mural. It took a few conversations to get her on the same page and consolidate our visions but she eventually embraced a more classic look.

No slides or life size renderings of Taylor made it onto the final mood board. It was fun to incorporate some of her favorite colors and other things she loves. We got into the groove of me giving her a few options that would work for the space (Curtain fabric, desks, etc) then she got to pick the final one.

If you have a great friend who is also an interior designer with impeccable taste keep them close! My friend Elizabeth Dorsett helped us source the headboards, bedskirts, romans shades, and seat cushion. She immediately caught the vision we were going for and was the bridge between mother and daughter when making choices for the space.

Big Girl Bedroom: A place to play

While she is getting older, I still wanted her room to have a playful spirit. Right now she enjoys making jewelry, drawing, putting together and playing with Harry Potter Legos, and having dance parties! We created space for all these interests. Lots of good storage for her jewelry making supplies (most are in her nightstand from Ballard Design) and legos and also left some open space for dancing.

Attached to this room there is good size closet where all her clothing can be kept which eliminated the need to a large dresser. Keeping her clothing organized there freed up a lot of space for extra seating and general play space.

Big Girl Bed room with a cozy window seat reading nook.

Big Girl Bedroom: A place to Study

As she gets older, school takes up more of her time and energy. I wanted to have a dedicated study space in her room. Especially with younger siblings running around it’s nice for her to have this quiet area. She loves being at her desk and likes to do homework or projects there. I think her favorite part of getting a new room was organizing her desk. Apparently some things never change as her last request was a cork board for polaroids and letter from friends from camp!

Big Girl Bedroom: A place to Rest

My daughter is my most introverted child. Although it’s been years, it sometimes feels like she is still recovering from the reality that she is not an only child. She needs and seeks out time to herself. It has been fun to peek in her room to see her curled up in her bean bag chair reading or sitting under a cozy blanket on her bed threading beads for a friendship bracelet. Even when she is an adult, I hope she always feels like our home and this room are a respite for her from whatever is going on in the world.

Her headboards are upholstered for extra softness for reading. In addition to her bed, there is also a window seat reading nook and a bean bag chair where she can relax. If there is space, it’s so nice to have an additional place to sit in a bedroom beside just the bed. She sign;t ready to let go of her bean bag char but I see an upholstered chair there in future.

Big Girl Bedroom with a Harry Potter Bean Bag Chair.

She is enjoying this space so much (Her younger sister is too as she sneaks in for a “slumber party” most nights). I think that we can make this space work for her for a long time.

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