Best Cookbooks for Busy Moms


I wish I was home all afternoon and evening to prepare a gourmet meal for my family. I enjoy cooking. I want my family to have home cooked meals. The reality is, this is just not our life right now. School pick ups, play practice, and soccer games keeps us out most evenings. I don’t regret our active lifestyle but it does require some planning and creativity to get dinner on the table. These recipe resources (some are websites and have instagram accounts too) are the best cookbooks for busy moms. They are my go to resources for healthy, family friendly meals and keep dinner on our table .

Best Cookbooks for busy moms.

Lille Eats and Tells

Cooking for a big family (or neighbors, friends, church group, in laws, etc) is so different than cooking for two. As our family grew, and I found myself cooking for larger groups more often. I had to relearn portions, timing, and even the pots and pans that would accommodate larger meals.

I found it easy to find recipes for larger groups. The often felt like a sea of heavy casseroles or “kid friendly” dishes that didn’t not have the nutritional value or interest I was wanted. This was until I found Lille Biesinger (Lille Eats and Tells) She appeared in my instagram feed in the endless scroll of nighttime nursing with my middle child. I longed for recipes that were nutrient dense and would keep up my milk supply. My secret hope was also to find some recipes to help me shed some baby weight. The last requirement was to have recipes that were husband and toddler friendly! Her recipes checked all the boxes. They have been a staple in our home for several years now.

Lillie Eats and Tells Cookbooks.

She now has five cookbooks that are available in print or digitally. Her meals are really gems for so may reasons including:

  • nutrient dense (protein and veggie packed),
  • macro friendly ( nutritional information is included for each recipe if you want to be aware of macros or calories in the food you eat)
  • great for feeding large groups (She has 4 kids and is used to feeding a crowd!)
  • can easily be made dairy free or gluten free depending on dietary needs in your home
  • Her booked Planned is great if you like the idea of meal planning of the week and reusing protiens and ingredients
  • Her Book One is full of great one pan meals that makes the clean up of cooking for a big family a breeze.

Some of our favorites include her Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin or Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Cook Once Eat all All Week

Best Cookbooks for busy moms. Cook Once Eat All Week Cookbook.

If you are a meal planner/ prepper who wants healthy meals that can easily accommodate dairy free or grain free food sensitivities this one is for you!

Cassy has the most comprehensive and organized weekly meal planning resource I have ever seen. In Cook Once Eat All Week Each week has a detailed grocery shopping list organized by store section. Next is a comprehensive ingredient sub section if you need to tailor the recipes for low carb, paleo, grain free or dairy free food preferences. The next part the chapter walks you through prepping ingredients you will use throughout the week. Finally, the recipes themselves are clear and beautifully photographed.

This book has been a great resource for week night dinners for our family and also great resource for meal planning and prepping. Some of our family weeks are

  • Week 1:Shredded Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice (The Barbecue Chicken and Rice Casserole and White Chicken Chili are now on repeat this winter)
  • Week 9: Baked Chicken Breast, Kale and Corn (The Green Goddess Salad was the first salad my kids accepted as their actual meal and is easily customizable!)

Gimmie Some Oven

I first found Ali with Gimmie Some Oven when I was looking for a make ahead Slow Cooker Chili recipe for a Halloween Gathering almost 10 years ago. It has become of family’s staple chili and if you like a little chipotle in adobo smoke you will love it too! Give me a slower cooker recipe you can prep and throw everything in before lunch and have a group over for dinner without having to fuss over a meal at the last minute. After we fell in love with her chili I frequently checked back for other recipes.

While not technically a best cookbook for busy moms, Gimmie Some Oven is a fabulous cooking website for buys moms. Gimmie Some Oven has an extensive, well organized recipe index. It can be sorted by course, cooking method , dietary restrictions, or ingredient. The make ahead and slow cooker options are perfect for this phase of life with busy evening. There are so many categories and specific recipes she developed that have become a go to for our family. Some of our favorites include:

No Bake energy Bites from Gimmie some oven

Cooking Classy

Jaclyn with Cooking Classy is your biggest help and cheerleader if you are looking to make uncomplicated family friendly meals. If learning to cook is something you want to do this year Cooking Classy is a great place to start. Jaclyn says, “My goal here is to publish recipes that you, your family and your friends will not only love but will want to make time and time again. I hope to inspire you as a home cook and boost your confidence in the kitchen.”

Best Cookbooks for Busy moms- Cooking Classy Harvest Bowls.

We’ve been eating a version her her Harvest Bowls once a week this winter. One strategy that has worked in our family is empowering the kids to make choices about what’s on their plate. When I make these Harvest Bowls I put all the ingredients in a divided tray. The kids can choose the ingredients or topping for their meal. Even if they just choose the chicken, wild rice, and apples this it feels like a win! This is a great way to start getting your whole family eating the same meal if that is a goal of yours in 2024. Her Vegetable soup is also in rotation at our house. We sometimes add stew beef and corn bread on the side for a hearty winter meal.

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