Spring Break Favorites for Moms


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5 Spring Break Favorites

I’m all about hi/low shopping. My Janessa Leone Sun Hat was a pricy, but I love and use it almost every day in the summer. It has such a great shape and the color and weave of the straw feels so upscale. My amazon sunglasses on the other hand, I bought for about the cost of a kids meal at any resort. I also love and use these every day! I am not an expensive sunglasses wearer. I was never great at keeping up with and after kids I’m lucky to have the same pair for more than a month! All of these spring break favorites are at different prices points, but they are all favorite that bring beauty and Joy to my life! If you are getting ready a trip yourself let the swim guide and Travel Favorites.

  1. Janessa Leone Sun Hat
  2. J.Crew Gingham bathing suit
  3. Amazon Sunglasses
  4. Letter to Aisling By Cynthia Ellingson
  5. Linen Top

Happy SB!, MyFriendMeg

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