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I am so ready for summer! Longer days, time at the pool, and more time with my family. The only thing that could be better is not thinking about what I will wear! I love shopping and there is a place for buying something just because you love it! However, when creating a uniform that will serve you all summer, take a more practical approach. In this post I am walking you through a simple exercise that will empower you to create outfits that perfectly fit your life . You will look great feel in your Summer Mom Uniform!

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Summer Mom uniform example: Athleisure to wear to kid's sports and events.

Why use a Summer Mom Uniform?

The whole purpose of the Summer Mom Uniform is to make getting dressed in the summer fun and easy! The Summer Mom uniform is for every Mom! It’s for sports moms, working moms, stay at home moms, traveling moms, and any mom who wants to have outfits on hand that make you look and feel great so you can relax and enjoy time with your family this summer. Less changing before you leave, less shopping in returning items, more time and fun with the people you love!

Take Inventory of your Lifestyle

Start by making a list of outfits you need by thinking about the places you go and ways you spend time during the summer. Next, add any special occasions that are already on your calendar. Each of these can be considered a “clothing situation”. Some prompts that might help you make a thorough list are: Where does your typical summer day look like? Where do you spend your time in the summer? What obligations do have? After thinking about my typical summer days and special events, here is what my list of clothing needs looks like:

  • Exercise
  • Taking kids to swim team and sports practices
  • Regular days (SAHM with Kids)
  • Church/ Family Dinners out
  • Cocktail attire for a wedding

The possibilities are as many and as unique as your life! As you make your list you may identify some “outfit situations” that can overlap. Your list might include:

  • Work
  • Work from home
  • Taking care of kids at home
  • Tennis or pickleball
  • Weekends at the lake
  • Golf
  • Taking your kids to travel sports
  • Beach Vacations
  • Being at the pool
  • Hiking or camping
  • Weddings
  • Memorial Day, Labor Day, or 4th of July events
  • Outdoor running or other outdoor exercise
  • Days at the pool
Summer Mom Uniform example: what to wear for days home with the kids!

Determine how many outfits for each area of your lifestyle

Now that you have your lifestyle or “outfit situations” clarified, write down how many times per week or month you need an outfit in this category!I usually work out 4 days/ week. I usually only do my laundry once/ week so I want at least 4 complete summer workout outfits. We go to church and then have an additional 2-3 nicer dinners out per month so I want 4-6 dresses for those occasions:

Here is my list as an example:

  • Exercise: 4
  • Taking kids to swim team and sports practices: 5
  • Regular days (SAHM with Kids): 7
  • Church/ Family Dinners out: 4-6
  • Cocktail attire for a wedding/event : 2

Shop Your Closet for Summer Mom Uniform Essentials

With your list of “outfit situations” and the number of outfits needed in each category, shop your closet first!

It may be that you are well stocked on summer exercise clothes. If so, consider that part of your Summer Mom Uniform complete! Check it off your list and keep moving! It may be that your work attire stays the same year round and you don’t need to purchase anything. Again, Check it off the list.

As you are going through your closet try things on to make sure things fit and are in good condition. Don’t forget about shoes, accessories, handbags, and bathing suits. Try to really think in terms of head-to-toe complete outfits.

Shop for your Summer Mom Uniform:

Now the fun part- It’s time to shop! Shopping will be much easier with a clear plan for exactly what you need. Shopping this way won’t drain your time or bank account! You also will avoid purchases made in frustration when you feel like you have nothing to wear!

Here are the pieces I’m shopping for to complete my Summer Mom Uniform. :

  • Exercise: 4 (3 complete outfits and shoes – need 1 pair of biker shorts, 1 shirt, 1 new sports bra)
  • Taking kids to swim team and sports practices:5 ( 4 complete outfits, need 1)
  • Regular days (SAHM with Kids):7 (5 complete outfits, need 2)
  • Church/ Family Dinners out:4-6 (3 complete outfits, need 3)
  • Cocktail attire for a wedding:2 (1 complete outfit, need 1 dress and shoes)

As I put outfits together for the summer, I am making each “Outfit Situation” its own little mini-capsule wardrobe. I use what I learned in my Color Analysis to make outfits that can work interchangeably.

My Summer Mom Uniform Pics


I started wearing biker shorts for running and weight training sessions a few years ago and will never go back! My Summer Mom Uniforms for Exercise is biker shorts with a looser, technical T-shirt, and my favorite Brooks running shoes.

Taking kids to swim team and sports practices

For this “outfit situation”, I go for athleisure items that are cool and comfortable. As my kids are get older, I am trying to walk during their practices to get in some extra steps. Here’s what you’ll see me in at the baseball field and during swim meets:

Regular Days a SAHM

This is what I will wear for days at home with the kids or for errands, outings, or appointments. I love the combo of shorts, a super light top, and a comfy sneaker or Birkenstock .

Dresses for Church/ Family Dinners out:

Having this “outfit situation” of my life nailed down helps be to have very clear vision when shopping. I am looking for beautiful but functional dresses that are long enough to bend down to help a child tie their shoe, have no cut outs or deep necklines, and preferably with pockets. Here are my pics that fit this description:

Cocktail Event Attire:

Perfect for a wedding and golf tournament event:

To add some finishing touches don’t forget a great on-the-go mom bag and a sun hat! I am ready to exercise, head to a baseball tournaments, or help with a swim meet with my Summer Mom Uniform in place. Here’s to less changing, shopping, and returns and a summer full of family fun!

Beach scene with Text Summer Mom Uniform: Easy Dressing for the best season!

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