Sports Mom Organization Guide: Balancing Life, Family, and Fun


Being a sports mom is a rewarding experience filled with joy, excitement, and sometimes a bit of chaos. From managing schedules to keeping track of gear, there’s a lot on your plate! With the right organization tips and tools you can navigate even the busiest sports seasons like a pro. In this guide, get all the sports mom organization hacks! Everything from calendars and apps to gear organization and making time for family fun.

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First Step to Sports Mom Organization: Registration

Let’s really start at the beginning! Sports mom organization start with being aware of try outs or sign-ups for the upcoming season. I hate that there is so much pressure around youth sports, but it is probably best to register early in the registration window to ensure your child plays. Along the way, you will likely need to complete registration forms, order uniforms, and sign up to volunteer to help or bring things for the team. Depending on the league, the child’s birth certificate and proof of address may be needed. Create a folder in your inbox for this season or download the App such as TEAMSnap, Remind, or PlayMetrics that will be used for communication. If you have questions about expectations for the season reach out to the coach or Team Parent.

Add Sports to the Family Calendar

As soon as you get the practice and game schedule add it to a shared family calendar! Many sports apps and leagues have calendars that can be added to your personal digital calendar that will update automatically if times or locations change. Including in the notes which uniform to wear and arrival time are also very helpful. Also add any league or team events including parent meetings, start or end of the season events, or team parties (and make an awesome end of the season Baseball Goodie Bag here!)

When adding these events to a calendar, make a note of scheduling conflicts. Notify coaches upfront if you will not be able to attend. Also consider setting up a carpool with families that live nearby early in the season. Carpools have been a lifesaver for our family since we are now outnumbered by our kids that play sports!

Gear Up for the Season

Take an inventory of gear

Order uniforms and check on other equipment your child will need to participate. We dedicate a bag for each kid’s sport or activity to keep equipment contained and organized. This also gives kids a “home base” when they are at practice for their belongings. Having this designated area goes a long way in helping kids keep up with their sports gear.

Create a Place for Uniforms

Make sure uniforms are ready to go on game day! There is nothing worse than the panic that goes through a family when you can’t find a needed jersey for a game that stars in an hour! We use this over the door organizer to keep the game day uniforms ready to go. After a game, the kids put their worn uniform directly in the wash and then it goes back in the uniform organizer (or the uniform Valet, if you want to feel fancy) as soon as it is dry!

Label Everything

Use a Sharpie or custom name label to label uniforms, water bottles, and other sports equipment. Especially when kids get team issued gear that is identical, labeling is essential!

Make a Practice or Game Day Plan

Until your player gets in swing of things, make a list of everything they need for practices or games. Keep the list in their bag or where they get ready. This will help your athlete stay organized independently and free up your time.

Create a Sports Mom Bag

Keep a bag in your car with sports mom essentials. Start with basic first aid supplies, extra snacks and water, gear for changes in weather, and other essentials. This makes sitting at games and meets much more enjoyable! Read the complete post on how I stock mine here!

Sports mom bag packing list.

Get Your Sports Mom Game Day Outfit Ready

Now that your child is prepared for the season and your sports mom bag is stocked, don’t forget about your outfit! Kid’s love when they see their family in their team gear or colors. When I know my child will likely be on a team for several years, I usually splurge for a special shirt or hat with the team’s name. For a short recreational season sport, I can usually find something in my closet in that team color. They are equally excited to their team colors in the stands! I recently made this Mom Letterman Jacket that I wear to all the sports now!

Sports Mom Letterman jacket example.
Click to for the DIY details and links for the Jacket and Patches

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Organizing your Household During Sports Seasons

One of the hardest things about being a sports mom is all the time I spend out of the house on evenings and weekend. To keep an active household with kids running, there are certain tasks that just have to get done! Grocery shopping, meal planning and prepping, and laundry are at the top of the list. This is not to mention the household chores, keeping up with bills, and managing other family business. When driving carpool or watching a late game, there just isn’t a chance to make everything happen. This year, I have really made a push to automate more around our home. I’m trying to use some of that downtime at my kids’ activities. Here’s what I’m doing during practices and warm ups:

  • Automate needed household items (especially toiletries and cleaning supplies) with Amazon Subscribe and Save
  • Place grocery orders online for delivery or pick up
  • Review Kid’s school communication
  • Schedule doctor, dentist, hair cut appointment and home maintenance
  • Update family calendar with events
  • Purchase gift for family and friends
  • Take a moment for myself! Call my best friend, get in some steps by walking laps around the field, read a book on my kindle!

But When Do We Eat Dinner?

I recently saw a post on Instagram about how baseball moms serve dinner at 4:15 or 9:00pm! This was the most accurate thing I have seen in a while! Spring is our busiest season with baseball. During this time there are several strategies I use to help get dinner on the table.

  • Double batch and freeze dinners
  • Utilize our favorite prep ahead dinners
  • Declare that one night a week will be a ball park dinner (Pizza or a hot dog- It’s part of the experience!)
  • Take advantage of our favorite slow cooker dinners

Time Management During Sports Season

Having an after-school activity is an opportunity for kids to learn time management skills. I remember starting to learn to manage my time as a high school basketball player and try to support my kids as they navigate this territory. Try having a discussion at the beginning of the season with your child about when they will do homework and get their chores done. Encourage them to complete school work during a study hall or other free period at school. Work or study ahead on evenings off from practice. My children are relatively young and still have spelling words. They have started quizzing each other in the car on the way to practice.

Sports Mom Organization Secrets

I find that I can tackle most things if I know about them in advance. The trouble with kids and sports is that they are always growing and changing so it can be difficult to know what’s next. Here are some “secrets to expect”:

  • Expect a few other nights to be dedicated to the team outside of practice (beginning of the season parent night, end of the year team party, fundraising night, extra practices or games if there is an end of season tournament)
  • Expect some practices, tournaments, or meets to get added- Check back in with team apps every week to see if anything else has come up or changed.
  • Count on an end of season gift for the coach- ask the team mom if this will be done individually or as a team. If you are on your own, go ahead and get this any time!
  • You will be doing more laundry than usual-stock up on detergent!
  • Expect that there will be costs in addition to the registration. Budget for equipment, meals out, and possibly some travel depending on the type of team.
  • Get to know a few other parents on the team. Even if you don’t set up a formal carpool, it’s nice to have someone to contact if you are running late for practice pick-up or have a question about a team event.

My WHY for Staying Organized

Being organized helps our family feel calmer and more collected during sports seasons. We are far from perfect. I have relied on a great village of sports moms more times than I can count. The days when we arrive on time, in the right place, wearing the correct uniform, and with the necessary gear we all feel calmer, more focused and ready for a great game.

When we are searching around the house the right jersey or can’t location the address of the field, I am much more likely to be short with my family. I never want to take something that should be positive for our family (playing sports) and let it turn into something negative (being short with my kids!) It does take some extra time and organization on the front end, but getting organized for kid’s sports helps me be a much better mom! Cheers to a season of success, both on and off the field!

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