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I’m getting ready for a weekend away at a swim meet with my daughter. These weekends are so fun. I love to see my kids in their element, doing what they love, and having fun with teammates.

It’s one of my favorite parts of motherhood. Being prepared for these situations certainly helps if anything unexpected happens! Here is everything you need to be prepare your sports mom bag for an enjoyable weekend!

Why have a sports mom bag?

Even if everything goes perfectly, these weekends can be exhausting! More than likely something will come up at the game or event:

  • It starts raining
  • The concession stand is closed
  • There are no bleacher or stands available
  • The sun is out and there is no shade
  • The game goes long and the temperature drops
  • The event only takes cash
  • Someone gets a scrape or cut and needs some basic first aid supples.

When you are prepared with snacks, some basic first aid supples, umbrellas, and actives for younger siblings you can feel relaxed and enjoy the event more knowing you have everything you need. No more trips back and forth the car or changes in weather ruining the day. It’s especially nice to have items like this on hand if you are the team parent and others might look to you for assistance.

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Loading the sports mom bag into the car

What to keep in your Sports mom Bag:

Year Round Essentials Items:

I keep the tote bag packed in my car with this first list of items year round. This list of essentials covers basic needs for a variety of sports or seasons. When we are going through a busy stretch of games and tournaments I just leave it in my car and take my wallet and AirPods out so I know everything is in there. There are lots of clear packing cubes and pouches out there and some people love them, but I honestly find that gallon size ziplock bags work just as well to keep categories of items organized. Start your sports mom bag with these basics:

  • Great Bag- I love a classic L.L. Bean Tote Bag- the everyday lightweight tote is a durable nylon and has a zipper top. This material is easy to clean and dries quickly! These Scout Brand bags are also awesome especially when there are water bottles and sunscreen bottles and other things that can spill. They don’t all have a zip closure on the top so check if this is important to you.
  • Portable Charger
  • Small wallet (that fits in a pocket like this chic one or this sporty one ) or a phone case that can hold an ID and credit card
  • Cash
  • Food/ snacks for your athlete and yourself – click here for more healthy sports snacks
  • Water Bottle -Stanley cups are so popular and I love mine but for these sports weekends I like to bring one that has a tight seal that I can throw in with everything else and won’t leak!
  • Small first Aid Kit
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues
  • Clorox wipes
  • Trash bag
  • Hair ties
  • AirPods
Sports mom bag packing list
Items in the sorts mom bag.

For Outdoor Events Add:

Items to add to the bag for summer sporting events

For Cold Weather Days Add:

  • blanket to lay out for kids to play on or cover up with when cold. (this one has a water proof side that is perfect to lay out for a bunch of kids to sit on)
  • hand warmers
  • warm hats
  • I have not gone down the route of the Jackets and vests with rechargeable heaters but may this winter and will keep you posted.

For Warm Weather Days:

What other equipment is helpful for Sporting Events?

When my son played his first summer of travel baseball, I had a lot to learn from the more experienced baseball moms! I used to think that these huge wagons packed with chairs and picnics were bit much. By the second tournament, I had quickly become that baseball mom! I rolled in with the wagon, chairs, and cooler full of food for the day.

  • Tent
  • Chairs/ seating- This is kind of a personal choice/ depends on where you will be kind of situation. If you are going to be at a baseball field and don’t mind bleachers you may not want to haul chair around since they are probably the heaviest/ bulkiest item. If you know there are bleachers stadium seats are a good option. If you will be at an outdoor events with no seating and want to bring chairs, I have had these chairs for a while and they are great but they are a little heavy so I recently got these smaller ones to take when we have to move around a bunch to different fields.
  • Team seating: We got this portable bench last soccer season and it really came in handy for the team. It obviously can’t accommodate the whole team but it is great for the subs to sit on while the get water or talk to the coach when they’re aren’t playing. It was especially good for cool morning so they didn’t get soaked sitting on dewy grass. We also put the tent over it for really hot afternoon games when the kids were tired and needed to rest in the shade. You will definitely want to haul this one in a sports wagon!
  • Wagon
  • Cooler
Sports Wagon and cooler

Other Sports Mom tips:

Now that you have everything you need for a big weekend of sports with kids here are a few other tips. I find I am a much better mom when I feel good myself.

  • Dick’s Sporting Good and Amazon have been the best places to shop for most of the gear we use at the kid’s sporting event. If you have a swimmer, is a great resource.
  • Going for a walk during warm ups or other down time is a great way to get a few steps in.
  • Packing some healthy snacks or finding a fast casual restaurant restaurant with healthier options is a must. A salad from Chipotle or a Jimmy John’s sandwich always sits better than concession stand nachos.
  • Have a podcast/ audio book picked out and downloaded or a book downloaded to your kindle for big weekend events. Between the driving, warm ups, weather or other delays there is inevitably a lot of waiting around time. What did we do before podcasts?

I hope you and your kids have a great time at their sporting events. Hopefully this helps you have everything you need so there is less running back to the car or trying to find a nearby store and more time together with your family cheering on your kids! Let me know what else you like to keep in your sports bag!

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