The Ultimate List of Baseball Goodie Bag Ideas


Baseball Goodie Bags are a fun way to celebrate the end of a baseball season or a great addition to a baseball-themed birthday party. Team moms, let me take one thing off your plate! This post has all the baseball goodie bag items and ideas to help you knock out a great gift! From treats to baseball swag, to a great gift bag to contain it all. I’ve got you covered. Creating the perfect baseball-themed gift bag can add a memorable touch and it’s as easy as scrolling down!

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Baseball Goodie Bag Items

1. Themed Treats and Snacks

Baseball themed candy and treats including baseball popcorn balls, Big League Chew, and nerd rope.

Baseball Cookies

Baking or purchasing cookies decorated to look like baseballs is a fun and simple way to add a sweet touch to your gift bags. Use white icing for the base and red icing to create the iconic stitching pattern.


Popcorn is a classic ballpark snack. Consider adding a twist by including flavored popcorn such as caramel or cheese. Packaging them in mini baseball-themed popcorn bags is sure to be a hit! This is a great option if you need to make a bag for a teammate or friend with food allergies as there are many allergen popcorn friendly varieties available.

Cracker Jacks

This timeless treat is synonymous with baseball. You will almost be able to hear the iconic song “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” When your team or party opens a box of Cracker Jacks at the end-of-the-year party.

Big League Chew

Big League Chew Gum is another classic ball park item that is a fan-favorite among players of all ages!


Despite packing healthy snacks and food to bring to the ballpark, we somehow always end up with a treat from the concession stand. Blow pops, Air-heads, or skittles are always favorites.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds are another classic baseball snack that kids and coaches love. These fun “seed sacks” are the perfect addition to your end-of-the-season gift bag. They are the perfect size to fit in baseball pants and open and close easily so you won’t end up with seeds all over the bottom of your baseball bag!

Sunflower seeds and baseball themed "seed sacks" for a baseball goodie bag.

2. Baseball Accessories

Mini Baseball Stress Reliever

Baseball-themed squishy stress balls are a great way to keep busy (or nervous) hands occupied in the car or before a game. This is a lightweight, inexpensive fidget look great in baseball goodie bags.

Baseball Keychains

Baseball keychains are a practical and popular item. They come in various styles, from simple baseball shapes to miniature bats or gloves, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your theme.

Baseball Caps

A baseball cap is a staple for any fan. Look for caps with popular team logos, or consider customizing them with the event’s theme or the recipient’s favorite team. This functional gift is sure to be a hit.

Baseball Necklaces or Bracelets

There are so many fun, customizable accessories available now. There are some quick ship Amazon options as well as customizable options from ETSY.

Baseball Stickers

Players love to put vinyl baseball stickers on water bottles and even other times at home or school. This is a popular budget-friendly pick for baseball goodie bags.

3. Entertainment and Activities

Baseball Trading Cards

Baseball trading cards can be a nostalgic trip for older fans and an exciting discovery for younger ones. Including a pack or two of current or vintage cards can provide hours of enjoyment as recipients sort through and trade them.

Baseball Books

This book of baseball facts is sure to hold the attention of any young player.

4. Memorabilia and Collectibles

Autographed Items

Any autographed memorabilia, such as signed baseballs, cards, or photos are a meaningful touch for a gift bag. Obviously something signed by a pro or college player is a true novelty. It’s also very special to have an item (like a baseball) for all the players on the team or all the coaches to sign to commemorate a special game or tournament.

Team Merchandise

Including small team merchandise like pins, patches, or wristbands can allow fans to show their team spirit. Look for items that are special to your team or area.

Event Programs or Stickers

If the gift bags are for a specific game or event, including a program or a commemorative ticket can be a wonderful memento for attendees to remember the occasion.

Mist and Sip insulated water bottle with baseball theme and electrolyte replacement packets.

5. Practical Items

Water Bottles

An insulated, misting water bottle can be a great addition to a baseball gift bag. They are practical and can be used long after the event.

Sunscreen and Lip Balm

These items are essential for long tournament days in late spring and summer. This sports lip balm comes in sets as well as this these sports sunscreen sticks.

Hand Sanitizers

A small bottle of hand sanitizer is a practical and appreciated addition to a baseball goodie bag. Look for ones with sporty packaging or customize labels to fit your baseball theme.

Eye Black

Eye Black Sticks are another fun but useful items that any baseball will love and use.

Personalized Cooling Towels

Personalized Cooling Towels are a game changer on hot tournament days. You can keep them in an old water bottle or in an extra cooler for the team in the dugout!

Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mix

Those long, hot days will seem even longer and hotter if your athlete gets dehydrated. Encourage them to keep sipping water with added electrolytes. Our favorite are the Propel packets.

6. DIY and Custom Creations

Personalized Bag Tags

Adding personalized baseball bag tags will make the gift feel even more special. Baseball-themed tags area life saver in the dugout and thick plastic ones will last for years.

Custom Name Labels

With so much similar gear, it’s easy for items to get mixed up in the dugout. Consider ordering custom baseball name labels for players to use on water bottles, bats, hats, and other equipment.

Time to make your Baseball Goodie Bags!

Easy Gift Bags

There are several types of bags to use for baseball goodie bags. Baseball Cinch backpacks are a great way to add an additional item the players and keep and enjoy. There are also preprinted gift bags with baseballs that are fun! The easiest and least expensive way to way to make a baseball gift bag is to get plain white gift bags and use a red sharpie to add a simple baseball stitch pattern. I am not good at drawing at all and these were easy to make.

Baseball Goodie Bags made from plain white paper bags and a red sharpie.

From themed treats to practical items for practice and games, there are countless so many ways to create a fun and useful baseball goodie bag. These will be the hit of any end of the season party or a fun touch to celebrate a big game (or birthday!) You are ready to knock it out of the park with your thoughtfully curated baseball gift bags! Don’t miss out on my other content for sports moms including the Mom Letterman Jacket and everything I keep in my Sports Mom Bag.

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