My Mother’s Day Wish List

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Happy Mother’s Day! Being a mom is such a big part of my life. They say that motherhood changes you. Any mom can attest, this is true. One thing I didn’t expect is that it would keep changing me! As my kids grow and we go through different seasons, it stretches me in different ways! One of the things that I am most grateful for in this season of motherhood is a really strong community of moms. I have such great mom friends at our school, in my running group, and through the kid’s sports. These women plan school events, team parties, and make sure everyone has a snack! Amid all the business of this seasons, this is truly one of my greatest blessings! One of the main reasons I started my blog and Instagram is to share a little of the support and connection I feels so lucky to have with all of you!

There are a few other fun finds here and here!

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