Christmas Party Hostess Gift


Finding the perfect Christmas party hostess gift is great ways to show appreciation for the host’s efforts. In the last few years I’ve gotten to host several neighborhood and church events and while it is such a joy to have friends in our home it can be also quite a bit of work. It’s a treat to receive a small gift or a handwritten note from friends. Whether you’re attending a small family gathering or a grand festive soirée a little something for the hosting family to show your appreciation is always appreciated. In this post, we’ll explore some creative and helpful hostess gift ideas!

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1. A coffee table book or cookbook

These are two things that I rarely buy for myself but are a joy to receive. Your hostess will love a book of photographs of a favorite location, a cookbook, or an interiors and home book. They will also appreciate it doubles as a decor items in their living room. I would love to have any of these of on my coffee table:

2. Festive Trivia

Festive Trivia is a fun game for the whole family. This would be a great gift if another family with kids invites your family over for a fun holiday dinner or party. Any hostess wants guests to have a good time! Break the ice and get everyone involved with this easy and enjoyable holiday game.

3. A gourmet mix or prepared food item

I love to give the hostess something that can make her life easier the days after the party! A prepared food item such as a sweet bread, croissants or pastries from a bakery are a great gift. You could combine croissants with a favorite jam and wrap in a pretty dish or tea towel. My go to is the Williams Sonoma quick bread mix or coffee cake. Their pumpkin bread or apple bread are my favorites. They just require adding a few ingredients (usually water, eggs, butter) and are treat for the whole family. I paired the mix with a small spatula for a great looking gift for under $20. The Stonewall kitchen scone mix is another favorite that can arrive quickly from Amazon.

4. Cute Christmas Note Pad and Pen

This budget friendly gift is as cute as it is functional. Everyone needs a notepad for all the grocery, gift and other lists especially around the holidays. These adorable ones from Rifle Paper Company have coordinating Pens. I love the nutcracker themed one or Santa’s wish List..

5. Personalized Holiday Decorations

Spread the festive cheer by surprising the host with personalized holiday decorations. From a monogrammed Christmas ornament to a custom-made wreath, these thoughtful touches will not only add a personal flair to the host’s holiday decor but also serve as cherished keepsakes for years to come.

Christmas Party Hostess Gift

To me, the key to selecting a great Christmas party hostess gift is to do one of two things. The first is to find something that will be helpful to the hostess (like the prepared food gifts in #2 or the festive Christmas notepad in #4). The second is to choose something that reflects their personality and shows that you know and appreciate their efforts in hosting (Like any of the lovely coffee table books in #1). If you didn’t quite find what you were looking for here check out the top recommendations from the Favorite Things Party. Let me know in the comments what you plant to take the the hostess of your next holiday gathering.

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