Lunch Box Notes For Kids


A few days a month I slip tiny lunch box notes in my kids lunch boxes. We don’t make an every day thing. If they have a test or are navigating a tricky situation with a classmate I try to remember to write them a little encouraging message. Especially at the beginning of school year everyone is little on edge, I hope a little piece of paper with a heart or joke will give them a little boost as they acclimate to the new year.

I have these simple business sized cards with a silly animal or school themed boarder. I usually just write “I love you! XOXO, Mom.” My kids love it. It never ceases to amaze me how they respond to and treasure this small gesture. It takes less than one minute to write them for all of my kids. Any post-it or scrap paper around the house will do the job. These cute, inexpensive cards make it super easy to drop in a lunch box note for your kids.

There are a ton of printable and preprinted options out there at a variety of price points. Here are my favorite lunch box notes for kids. All of these come printed and ready for you to sign or add a quick note.

These notes by Emily Ley are beautiful and simple. All of her products are printed on lovely card stock and are so polished. If you have discerning tween or teen these are the way to go. I also love the other notepads for grocery lists, leaving babysitters information, and baby and toddler schedule tracking.

Lunch Box Notes for kids

These lunch box notes with jokes are so funny and cute and inexpensive- your kids will love them!

These business sized cards are sweet and easy and come in a set of 60 so you’ll have enough notes to write until they go to college.

If you want more space to write a reminder or longer word of encouragement these are so cute and come in blue, pink ,and this green. Shopmerrymail on Etsy has lots of sweet customizable paper goods like notepads, gift tags, valentines.

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