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I was a huge parenting book mom in the beginning. My first baby was not a good sleeper. Down the rabbit hole of middle of the night sleep book purchases I went. I piled other parenting books in the cart too. A decade later I no longer have piles of parenting books on my nightstand but I do keep a few around. There are many more online resources and podcasts than during those sleepless nights. Sometimes they help navigate a specific difficult parenting situation. Other times they help keep our faith and family at the center of our parenting. I am grateful for our wonderful church and school. The adults there that love and instruct my kids so well. I am always telling people I hit the jack pot of husbands but our kids really hit the jack pot of dads! He is a true and steady compass in their lives every day and our parenting would not be what it is without him. We have a few resources that we turn to that have been helpful on our parenting journey.

1: DoSayGive by Lee Cordon

If you had to categorize this outstanding blog/ Instagram account I think she technically falls under mom/fashion blogger umbrella. Lee has truly created so much more! Lee offers, grace, depth, and presence in a sea of fast fashion and trendy memes. In addition to tasteful fashion and thoughtful gift guides she offers a unique and needed voice on topics that to live outside of social media algorithms. Some of her top posts include what to bring to a friend who has cancer, how to support a friend whose infant is in the NICU, and tips for how to care for aging parents. While the rest of the internet seems to scream “look at me!”, Lee consistently and beautifully creates a space where “women could be encouraged to love their friends and family well”. I particularly appreciate the clothing recommendations for tween and teen girls. Good options for this age group can be very tricky to find. Lee also offers etiquette courses for teen girls and boys that teach life skills (dining etiquette and thank you notes included!) . I was first introduced to her blog by her summer reading club for young children that is precious. DoSayGive offers us all a glimpse into the kind of intentionality and connection that social media can offer at its best.

2: David Thomas, Sissy Goff, Melissa Trevathan and all the counselors at Daystar counseling in Nashville, Tennessee.

This team is pure parenting gold. Their Books Modern Parents Vintage Values and Raising Boys and Girls and the Podcast of the same name. Their mission to “Help you care for the kids in your life with a little more understanding, little more practical help, and a whole lot of hope” . Each time I listen to a podcast or read some of their work I certainly feel that way. These counselors have decades of personal clinical expertise from their practice. They also bring in guest speakers to their podcast to highlight a variety of parenting topics. Recently on their Instagram account they have posted wonderful reels which answer some of their most asked questions: How do I find a local counselor for my child? How can I help my child with anxiety/ worry at bedtime? How can I talk to my child about recent school shooting? While I love their podcast and have a most of the books they have published even following along on their Instagram provides snippets of the kind of authentic, granular parenting advice that I long for daily. Their instagram or podcast are a great introduction if you haven’t tapped into this outstanding resource.

3:Nate Bargatze

I need to laugh more, we all need to laugh more. I’m sure a happier parent is a better parent and this is a great place to start. His shows and comedic style write the book on “it’s funny because it’s true.” His Netflix series about married life, parenting, and turning 40 will have you rolling. I don’t know how but I laughed for 20 minutes after listening to him talk about buying ice at a convenience store. 

4: Protect Young Eyes

Our family is getting close to the battle that is parenting tweens and teens. Chris McKenna from Protect Young Eyes has helpful resources on school, home, and phone internet safety. There are great recommendations for communication watches , phones for kids and teens and well as other devices. He also shares detailed information about settings and other security measures to take to ensure your child’s safety. Chris gives language to many important topics related to internet safety like online bullying, mental health issues that are now directly linked to social media, gaming/ contact with other gamers, and online gambling. Our family is in the process of educating ourselves and will rely heavily on these recommendations.

5:The Birds & Bees course

Not a lot of explanation needed here. There has to be a better way than “THE TALK”. Here’s to talking to kids in a clear, age appropriate manner to promote and safety communication in your family.

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