Halloween Goodie Bags for Preschoolers


These adorable monster crafts are the perfect non-candy Halloween Goodie Bags for Preschoolers. They are easy to put together and a fun activity for kids to do in their classroom or at home.

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Supplies for the Make your own Monster craft

Halloween Goodie Bag Supplies:

For each bag you will need the following supplies:

Putting together the Bags

We set up a little assembly line to add each item to the bags. My daughter loved helping with this and then telling her classmates and friends that she made them! You can leave them as is or add a cute “Make Your Own Monster” Gift Tag or sticker. I made and customized these stickers in Canva in about 5 minutes. Here are some links to some cute printable options: This one from Etsy is adorable. These Tags are also super cute.

Now that I have older kids too I really appreciate Halloween with preschoolers and younger kids. Halloween gets so scary for kids so quickly (I almost jump out of my skin every time I walk in one of those Halloween Stores) and I love chances to keep it fun and colorful. These Halloween Goodie Bags for Preschoolers are a great way to celebrate the fun and imaginative play that we need more of this time of year.

Assembling the make your own monster bag
The cute make your own monster Halloween Goodie bag.

Although I started out thinking this would just be a fun seasonal craft, once we got into it I quickly saw the benefits of sensory play in action. For kids working on fine motor skills and pre writing hand and grip strength this is a great activity! If you were doing this in more a classroom setting it would be easy to incorporate certain colors, shapes and patterns as well.

I really hope you enjoy this fun fall craft with your kids. Tag me on Instagram if you make them this season! If you are looking for fun fall craft to brighten up your home for fall check out this DIY Fall Flower arrangement from Trader Joes.

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