Trader Joe’s Flower Arrangement


Trader Joe’s has a beautiful selection of flowers at great prices. Depending on the season you can find dahlias, poinsettias, ranunculus, peonies and sunflowers. There is almost always some variety of hydrangeas. They make it easy get your hands on flowers that will brighten up any space in your home. Make this Trader Joe’s flower arrangement with these simple steps:

Trader Joe's Flowers are a great start to beautiful but inexpensive arrangement.

Buying the flowers

Use 3 types of flowers for a polished look:

  • Statement Flower – select a larger flower such as a hydrangea, peony, or poinsettia.
  • Secondary flower- I like an alternate color than the primary flower
  • Greenery
Easy Steps for a DIY Trader Joe's Flower arrangement

Prep the flowers and container

  • Remove the rubber bands and cellophane wrap. Put the plant food packet aside
  • Loosely place the flowers in a dry container to get any idea of the stem length
  • Trim the steps on a diagonal with gardening sheers or sharp scissors and trip any lower leaves along the stem
  • Start by using tape to create a framework for your arrangement. (You can use gardening tape but I find that good old scotch tape works just as well). Create sections in multiples of 3 for visual appeal.

Time put together your Trader Joe’s Flower Arrangement

  • Fill the container with enough water to cover the stems
  • Start by adding the statement flowers. In this example I used three large antique hydrangeas in the middle left section and the top and bottom right section.
  • You may have to gently hold the large blooms in place until you fill in the arrangement.
  • Add the secondary flower next. Here I added the dark purple dahilas in the empty sections opposite the hydrangeas.
  • Last, fill in with the greenery. I like to choose greenery that will give the arrangement a variety in height (this tall, wispy greenery does the trick). Greenery can also be placed lower/ under the large blooms for a loose cascading look over the container.
Trader Joe's Flower Arrangement

Notes and Ideas to consider:

All the flowers for this pictured arrangement cost less than $16. There were some dahlias and greenery left over. I think the easiest kind of container to get started with is a round or oval container. Square containers can be a little tricky if you are working in groups of three or 6. Crafts stores like Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby are a great place to find reasonably priced containers. I also love this one from amazon. Use the easy steps for a Trader Joes Flower arrangement for a shower, special or occasion or a Favorite Things Party with some friends.

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