DIY Christmas Flower Arrangement from Trader Joe’s


Here is all the information you need for a DIY Christmas Flower Arrangement from Trader Joe’s. These arrangements are beautiful, easy, and inexpensive. I’ll take you shopping, show the necessary tools, and give a step by step tutorial for a festive centerpiece.

Christmas Flower arrangement using Trader Joe's Flowers used to decorate a bar.

Shopping at Trader Joe’s for Flowers:

If you’re not going to a nursery or true Flower Source Trader Joe’s is the place to go for great flowers. They keep beautiful greenery, small filler florals, and seasonal blooms stocked year round. They also usually stock a green or white hydrangea (usually around $6 for 3 stems which is an amazing price!), red or white roses, and various greenery especially eucalyptus and boxwood.

They also carry some easily giftable florals like their delicate paper whites, ivy wreaths or a Christmas cactus if you need something that’s grab and go!

Christmas Flower Arrangement Supplies

  • Container
  • Floral tape (scotch tape will also work) to create a grid on your container – use this trick in smaller containers if you don’t want to use floral foam
  • Gardening Scissors
  • Trader Joe’s Flowers (I use one large bloom (here: hydrangea), one smaller colorful bloom (here: red roses) and greenery (here: magnolia, evergreen branches, and boxwood).
Flower arrangement supples including flowers, glass containers, scissors, tape and paint food.

Steps for Arranging

  • Dissolve the plant food that came with the flowers in water and fill the container 3/4 with water/plant food mixture
  • Before placing each stem cut them at an angle for so they will take up as much water as possible
  • Divide the opening of your container into 3rds using scotch tape or floral tape to give the arrangement a framework
  • Layer in greenery of various textures and colors first (see photo below)
  • Next add in some smaller blooms – this is a great place to incorporate color into the arrangement
  • The greenery and smaller flowers will help support the larger blooms you place in the arrangement last.
Flower arrangement partially completed.

This whole process for this DIY Christmas Flower Arrangement from Trader Joe’s was about 25 minutes. There is something so special about fresh flowers. An arrangement like this is perfect for a tables at a shower or party. I think it also makes a great hostess gift or gift for a neighbor or friend who will be hosing guests over Christmas. The only flowers or natural elements that are less expensive and higher quality than the ones at Trader Joe’s are ones you have in your own yard (or the yard of a friend). I added some evergreen branches with these tiny pine cones and some boxwood from my own yard to this arrangement. If you like this DIY Trader Joe’s Flower arrangement go see this one for fall.

Completed Trader Joe's Flower arrangement for Christmas

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