Family Photo Shoot Outfit Ideas

I cherish our family photos. The new born pictures with close ups of tiny toes and a swaddled baby take me back to the smell of a newborn and the bleary eyed joy of newborn days. Our family Dude Ranch Vacation photos are also also so special. In those photos I am back on a trail ride with my husband, hiking along wild flower lined trials with my daughter, and sharing milkshakes with my son. These are the memories that flood back from the photos but we can’t forget what went into making them happen!

A toddler is whining. The preschooler is bribed by a piece of candy just out of view of the lens. Siblings pinch each other until one “looses” and finally screams and moves out of the shot. We have all been there and know that basically, you just need one shot. You need one shot to document that place, those ages, that moment. If you can get the right outfits nailed down you are well on your way! Here are some great family photo shoot outfit ideas.

Family Photo Shoot Outfit Ideas

Our family photo shoot outfit formula is usually neutral and classic.

I love when a photo looks pulled together but not too matchy-matchy. Blues, whites, denim, and khaki usually serve us well. Everyone can find something in those colors and I can usually avoid buying clothes “just for family pictures.” For a long time I was unwavering on the matching shoes, hair bows, socks etc. My tune has changed quite a bit in the last few years. I love my girls in pink cowboy boots. I love when the favorite headband that has been worn daily for the last 6 months makes the shot. Recently, the sneakers my son saved up for and bought with his own money add the kind of personality and authenticity that I want reflected in our collective family memories.

Shopping your closet is always a great place to start. For the guys, khakis or dark denim are undoubtedly great base pieces. If you go with blues they likely also have a shirt in their closet that will work. If blue is not your color find another color that your family feels comfortable in and work from there. Yellows, greens and pink (see below) are great options. If you need to do a little shopping stick with the classics. For kids Crewcuts, Bella Bliss, Cat and Jack, and Vineyard Vines have coordinating sibling looks won’t let you down. These looks are all from J.Crew.

Family Phot Shoot outfit ideas

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